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We Make Payroll Processing Service Easy For You.

We understand that managing payroll can be a daunting task. Let us take care of it for you, so you can focus on growing your business.

Experience Better HR and Payroll

Who We Are

About SuperPay

For Payroll Services we offer nationwide payroll services, reliable and accurate tax filings and customer service 2nd to none. Tax preparation can be done for business or personal in conjunction with our payroll services, we offer an all in one stop for your needs. Lastly we offer Business tax filing services if you are doing payroll on your own and do not have a means or know how to file the appropriate forms. 


Award Wining

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Our Services

What We Offer


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Our Payroll service streamlines the payroll process and guarantees prompt and precise payments to your staff. You can effortlessly handle employee information, compute taxes, and produce paychecks with minimal effort.


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Workers' Comp

Say goodbye to large upfront costs and unexpected audit bills with our pay-as-you-go workers' comp program. With our program, you can pay your policy along with your payroll frequency, making it easier to manage your cash flow. 


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Business Tax Filing

Our Business Tax Filing service ensures that your business taxes are filed accurately and on time, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on growing your business. Let experienced team handle the complex tax filing process for you.

Make a Real Difference with Affordable Employee Benefits.

Supporting your team is more important than ever. With Superpay as your Payroll Provider, health insurance and Voluntary benefits procurement comes at no extra cost. Move an existing plan or let our licensed advisors help you find the right coverage.

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500 Terry Francine St.
San Francisco, CA 94158




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